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Remembrance of the founding of the Schoenstatt Family Work and the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary in connection with the 100-year marriage history of Fritz and Helene Kühr.

Concentration Camp Memorial Dachau




The basic power of love as well as the faithful confidence of a founder create a special kind of survival strategy in the Dachau concentration camp in 1942.
The Schoenstatt Institute of Families and the Schoenstatt Institute Brothers of Mary, in the 80th year of their foundation and in the 100th year of marriage anniversary of Fritz and Helene Kühr, invite you to a spiritual journey through the memorial side of Dachau.
A day of encounter and reflection in significant surroundings. Welcome!!!

Expected programm:

Fr. 15.7.2022:

13:30: Guided tour through the memorial site in German and Spanish language groups.

Sa. 16.7.2022:

10:00: "With Father Kentenich, Dr. Fritz Kühr and Dr. Eduard Pesendorfer on the camp road "
12:15: Lunch at Café Weissenberg, Felix-Wankel-Straße 5, 85221 Dachau, near the "Plantation" or self-catering
13:45: Continuation of meetings on the camp road
15:15: Eucharistic celebration in the Mortal Agony of Christ Chapel; Celebrant: Father Antonio Bracht, Schoenstatt Father

So. 17.7.2022:

09:00: Plenary meeting - Max-Mannheimer-Haus
11:00: Eucharistic celebration

Further programme details for Fri. 15.7.2022 and Sun. 17.7.2022 are included in the flyer ( DE / EN / ES / PT / CZ).
Possible programme changes will be published on this event page.


Friday, 15 July 2022 - Sunday, 17 July 2022


Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial
Alte Römerstraße 75

D-85221 Dachau


Mr. and Mrs. Busch und Team


Schoenstatt Family Movement Germany

Participation fee:

per person 15 €
per couple 25 €
online participation free of charge
The costs include the event fee and organisational costs.

We appreciate any supporting donation.
Possible costs for accommodation and meals in the Max-Mannheimer-Haus in Dachau can be found in the flyer ( DE / EN / ES / PT / CZ).

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Concentration Camp Memorial Dachau


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